Work in Progress #1

I have been meaning to create a meditative experience for the news to calm it down. Initially I was trying to see if somehow I could create yoga for the news when I was introduced to sound baths (thanks Cora!). I’m really intrigued by the concept of sound baths which seems like a huge rage in the United States. It is essentially a westernized version of meditation using Himalayan singing bowls. I’m now trying to create a singing bowl that would act as a controller to a screen that is showing news. It will slow down the news clips, creating a sound bath for broadcast news.

Intiial concept sketch

How it will work

  1. Play the video when the handle moves along the edge of the bowl.
  2. The minute it stops moving along the bowl, the video returns to its initial stage.
  3. Soft coloured light through the bowl that will respond to the touch of the handle.
  4. A sound with each rotation (if possible)
Revised concept sketch

Using processing and Arduino, I plan to make the interface react to the touch of the controller. Due to the time limit I am considering buying two containers, one smaller than the other so it could sit inside the bigger one. The circuitboard, sensors and neo pixel ring would be placed within the gap of the walls of these two containers. The ring is for the light response to the handle.

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