Work in Progress #2

After a lot of research on bowls that I could use to assemble together to create the final sound bath, I decided to give 3-D printing a try. I sketched out a basic diagram for the bowl along with the dimensions.

Still extremely intimidated by Rhino, I was encouraged by fellow unravellers who told me that its a relatively easy form to build and that it shouldn’t be too complicated. Thank god for dFab lab and to Joy Li for helping me out in creating 3-D diagrams of these parts. I printed out my first bowl and it is close to what I had imagined.

I wanted to test out if the light will show through the material of the bowl so did a basic test with a phone light inside the bowl and it seems to have the desired effect. Hopefully the neopixel ring will be strong enough too.

For the smaller inner bowl, initially the ring was attached to it. Today while trying to print it, I realised that the ring would need support. So now I sliced the part into the bowl and the ring. I have set the smaller bowl and the ring for printing. I’m hoping to glue them together later.

The parts for the bowl are printed and ready to be assembled.

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